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Barbara Ammons

Barbara Ammons

Director of Administration

Barbara “Administrative Ace” Ammons is in charge of the maintenance of all multi-state licensing filings and related compliance matters. In addition, she oversees the entire “Payment Cycle” for the firm.  Her attention to detail is only exceeded by her timeliness in getting things done. Her supportive attitude and follow-through keep all the firm’s operational activities running smoothly.

As a retired Special Education teacher, she pioneered the practice of “mainstreaming” Special Education children into regular classrooms. In the beginning, there was significant resistance. But, through her efforts, integration of special education children into regular classrooms is now the norm. By doing so, the children felt normalized; not stigmatized.

Barbara feels her greatest accomplishment is having a long-term partnership with her husband and founder of the firm, Tom. Together, they have three children: Tommy, Christian and Priscilla who genuinely care about others and contribute to society every day.

When Barbara is not enjoying her second career at the firm, she enjoys her passion for collecting every type of item related to the monarch butterfly. In season, she cultivates an extensive flower garden with butterfly bushes as well as other species that are known to attract butterflies. Indoors, she collects pictures, figurines, paintings and items that have the insignia of monarch butterflies. 

For fun, she enjoys going out with friends to dinner and rock concerts.  Like so many baby-boomers, she is stuck in classic rock.

Barbara holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Mount St. Mary’s and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from SUNY – New Paltz. Barbara also holds a Life, Accident and Health license in NYS.