Your Group and Voluntary Benefits and Insurance Representatives

Your Group Benefits And Insurance Representatives
Take advantage of Tom’s experience with supplemental life, disability, long-term care, and group health insurance. With a unique approach to help build your wealth and providing group benefits to businesses, AAF is positioned to help you with GAP planning—to help you identify your financial goals and put a plan in place to address them.

Using the skills you seek in a financial advisor, Tom offers its network of professtionals to address your needs:

  • Reviewing the wide array of employee benefits in your group benefits package
  • Optimizing your employer-sponsored benefits
  • Exploring group auto, home, dental, long-term care, life, and disability benefits
  • Implementing “gap” planning—personal financial planning to help address the needs left by employer-sponsored benefits
  • Analyzing your existing 401(k) or assisting you in increasing participation

You can expect a well-rounded, complete review of your corporate benefits—to help identify any gaps and seeking to maximize your options, thanks to President Tom Ammons’ acute awareness of group, individual, and employer-sponsored benefits.

Voluntary Benefits—Your Competitive Advantage
Every Human Resources department wants to leverage their benefit programs to attract and retain key staff. Voluntary benefits can potentially boost morale and productivity, and give your firm the edge it needs when recruiting top-tier professionals.

Tom helps you enhance the value of your benefit programs by offering an array of benefits for your employees that can be conveniently deducted from the payroll:

  •  Auto and homeowners
  • Group legal
  • Voluntary dental
  • Long-term care
  • Group universal life
  • Voluntary permanent life
  • Vision

Voluntary benefits provide you with an opportunity to help your staff members effectively manage their lifestyles. You could not only reduce staff turnover—you help contribute to your employees’ quality of life, leading to a happier, healthier, more dedicated team.

  • Critical illness
  • Pet insurance
  • Financial education
  • Disability
  • Executive carve-out programs