Enjoying and Protecting Lifestyle

We can assist you with:

Income Needs

Tax Planning

  • Tax Planning for Income
  • Self-Employed tax
  • Investment tax planning
  • Deduction planning
  • Year-end tax planning

Expense Analysis

  • Use of Cash Flow Analysis in Creating Your Budget
  • Analysis of Current/Projected Expenses

Disability Insurance

  • The Fundamentals of Disability Insurance
  • Why would you need disability insurance?
  • What do you need to know about disability insurance?
  • Where can you get disability insurance?

Leisure Planning

Vacation Home Funding

  • Special Considerations for Second/Vacation Homes
  • Should you buy a vacation home?
  • How much will it cost to own a vacation home?
  • What to look for in a vacation home
  • How do you insure a vacation home?
  • What are the income tax consequences of owning a second or vacation home?

Travel Insurance

  • Do you need travel insurance?
  • Types of travel insurance

Cash Flow Analysis

  • What is cash flow analysis?
  • Use of Cash Flow Analysis in Creating Your Budget

Personal Health


  • Where to Get Health Insurance
  • Group health insurance
  • Individual policies
  • Medicare, Medicade
  • Dental Insurance
  • Where/How can you get dental insurance?


  • Life Insurance Basics
  • The many uses of life insurance
  • How much life insurance do you need?
  • How much life insurance can you afford?
  • What's in a life insurance contract?
  • Types of life insurance policies
  • Your beneficiaries
  • Where can you buy life insurance?

Long-Term Care

  • Why you need long-term care insurance (LTCI)?
  • How does LTCI work?
  • Comparing LTCI policies

Critical Illness

  • What is Critical Illness Insurance?
  • Why is critical illness insurance important?
  • How do critical illness insurance benefits differ from other types of insurance benefits payable to a critically ill individual?

Protecting Assets and Business


  • Asset Protection
  • Individual and Group Insurance


  • Types of corporations: C Corporation, S Corporation
  • Types of partnerships: Limited Partnership, General Partnership

Estate Planning

  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Steps to Estate Planning Success

*Estate Planning services are offered through qualified estate planning attorneys. Representative is not an attorney, does not draft estate documents, and may only serve to coordinate an overall estate plan. 

**Tax, legal, and insurance services are conducted independent of NPC. Accordingly, NPC assumes no responsibility for any advice or services received in relation to these activities. You are solely responsible for conducting your own due diligence.